North American MMM Register

About the Register

The North American MMM Register was created in 1989 by Jerry Keuper to provide a means of communication among owners of MMM cars in North America.

"MMM" refers to Midget, Magna and Magnette: the overhead cam MGs produced between 1929 and 1936.

The register has circa 150 members who own (in total) over 200 cars encompassing more than 20 different models. The register also has records of about 250 MMM cars in North America that are currently not in the active membership. The "N.A. MMM Annual Directory" is sent to members in good standing.

The NAMMMR Purpose & Guidelines document contains Definitions and Qualifications for authentic MMM cars as recognised by the MGCC UK, Triple-M Register and published in their Register Directory, as well as our own.

Hall of Fame

Honoring past Register leaders for their dedication to the preservation of MG history, for contribution of time and knowledge to preserve the heritage of MG MMM cars in North America through the North American MMM Register.

Mr. Jerry Keuper 1988 - 1991

Mr. Bill Tantau 1991 - 2012

Honorary Members

The North American MMM Register would like to recognize the following people for their lifelong dedication and contributions to the MMM community.

Wayne Carini

Peter Thornley